Our Success Stories

Our Success Stories


ERP: OSS, SA Chula


e-Learning: raksthai


Design and develop e-learning website about bullying in school and cyber and create VDO content for elementary schools

Data Analytics and Dashboard

CU MOOC, Raksthai

Assessment Website


Design and develop PDPA assessment website and assessment for government officers

Website Design

Chula MOOC

Design and develop website page to show online course and seat avaliable left for Chula MOOC

Website Development

Thai jogging association

Design and develop website for registeration running event that able handle high concurrent running booking and payment



Ministry of Education

Consult Provincial Education in 6 areas in Thailand to create SDG projects based on data and creative way


SCB Academy

Design and develop KaiDao product as knowledge management platform that can link each knowledge together with NLP model

Manpower planning

Ministry of Education

Consult MOE about man power resource base on data in order to support


BIT Social Scale Up


Run Incuation program for 30 social innovator teams in order to get 6 teams to have a chance to get the highest grand 1.5 M Baht



Run Incubation program for 100+ start up team in early state with online workshop and mentoring

Strategic Planning

Ministry of Education

Student Support

Saturday School

Develop mentors and students in Saturday school mentoring program for high school students in self exploration topic

WE Space

WE Space

Our passionate product, we want to make more inequality on career guidance for all students in Thailand

WE Pioneer

Develop students for high school students in self exploration topic for free

WE Chatbot

Increasing impact of WE Space to get closely to students with chatbot that can interact with students

WE Space Workshop

Flock, Base Playhouse